Support From The SU

The Students’ Union is here to support students through their studies, and that means we’re here to support students through their highs and lows.


The students’ union can help students understand Central’s procedures if something’s gone wrong with their education. This could include contesting assessment feedback or making a complaint against Central. If something goes wrong in other aspects of students life at central, we can guide them to the appropriate support available.

The students’ union also support students through a disciplinary, misconduct, wellbeing or complaint procedure. We provide advice during the process and can support students in meetings.

General enquiries

If students have questions about the school, need to talk to someone specific but don’t know where their office is, or are wondering where the nearest water fountain is, we can help out with that too. If students aren’t sure who the correct person to talk to is, we are a good first point of contact.

A Chat

Sometimes students might just want a place to sit, or a person to rant to, and we are more than happy to be here for that. We have a seated area in our office for students to take a moment and have a quiet place to sit. The president is happy to hear any issues students are having, as just a listening ear, or to provide guidance to any extra support required. We are also happy for students to come in for a general chat, if they are struggling to make friends, or have any questions about the work we are doing.