Welcome to Central Students’ Union

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​​​​​​​The students’ union exists to make life better for students and can be a big part of your experience here at Central.

​​​​​​​Run by students, the union can support all aspects of your student life. The full-time president and elected student officers represent you in shaping both union and school policy. All students registered at Central automatically become a member of Central Students’ Union and can take advantage of:

  • support and advice on student issues
  • extra-curricular activities, sports and societies
  • diverse, inclusive and accessible events and entertainment
  • opportunities to support charitable and political campaigns
  • representation on senior committees

Your Elected Officers

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Mia Doona
Rachel Coates
Vice President of
Nathan Friend
Vice President of
Lara Flynn
Events Officer
Caolan McGinley
Campaigns Co-ordination Officer
AyoOluwa Thomas
Inclusion Officer