Our officers

Officers are elected representatives of students who carry out specific duties, determined by the role they are elected to. They do the day-to-day work of the union.

Meet your 2023/2024 students’ union team.

Mia Doona

SU President

The President is the only full-time officer in the union, managing the day to day running of the SU, leading the officer team and representing students at many committee’s and events. The president also sits on Centrals Governing Board.

‘I dedicate my time to making sure students are at the heart of all decisions made by Central. Its important to me to make sure students know who I am, and I know who they are, so I can effectively support them and they know where I am if they need me’

Rachel Coates

Vice President of Postgraduates

The Vice President of Postgraduates works closely with the President to advocate for Postgraduate students in their academic experience at Central.

‘I’m dedicated to acting as an accessible representative of the postgraduate experience, working within the SU and with individual course reps to ensure that the social and academic needs of Postgraduates are met as well as building an environment that maximises the unique network that Central provides.’

Nathan Friend

Vice President of Undergraduates

The Vice President of Undergraduates works closely with the President to advocate for Undergraduate students in their academic experience at Central.

I’m looking forward to improving your student experience, and ensuring you see meaningful changes sooner throughout Central

Lara Flynn

Events Officer

The events officer is in charge of all things events, activities and societies, taking place in the backstage bar or somewhere else on campus.

‘As events officer i want to ensure a good time is had by all students whilst also making sure everyone feels safe to express themselves and enjoy their time at Central.

Caolan McGinley

Campaigns Co-ordination Officer

The campaigns co-ordination officer leads on coordinating campaigns done by the SU, making sure they have ‘making life better for students’ at the heart.

My goal for this year is to help students put their ideas into action for a better Central, and to raise awareness of ways to make change outside of Central.

Ayooluwatunmininu Thomas

Inclusion Officer

The inclusion officer is dedicated to improving the experience of students from marginalised communities. They lead the inclusion reps, communicating with them to make sure everyone’s voice is heard.

I aim to be both personable and action oriented in order to create a truly inclusive union that empowers, advocates for and better engages with the diverse communities represented in it.