Your officers

Officers are elected representatives of students who carry out specific duties, determined by the role they are elected to. They do the day-to-day work of the union.

Meet your 2022/2023 students’ union team.

Mia Doona

SU President

The President is the only full-time officer in the union, managing the day to day running of the SU, leading the officer team and representing students at many committee’s and events. The president also sits on Centrals Governing Board.

‘I dedicate my time to making sure students are at the heart of all decisions made by Central. Its important to me to make sure students know who I am, and I know who they are, so I can effectively support them and they know where I am if they need me’

Joe Howard

Vice President

The vice president works closely with the president behind the scenes to make everything the union does possible. The vice president is also the chair of student council.

‘My hope is that this year all central students will be really proud of their experience with the student’s union. From events to campaigns and everything in between we’re here to make your student experience a great one’

Zoe Arnison

Events Officer

The events officer is in charge of all things events, activities and societies, taking place in the backstage bar or somewhere else on campus.

‘I want to create a variety of events that aren’t focused on drinking, that’s not to say I want to get rid of drinking events but more events that focus on wellbeing. If you have an event or society you want to run, I’m your person’

Jessy Dye

Inclusion Officer

The inclusion officer is dedicated to improving the experience of students from marginalised communities. They lead the inclusion reps, communicating with them to make sure everyone’s voice is heard.

‘I am so excited and honoured to have been elected as inclusion officer! My aim is to ensure the new SU structure allows all students to be heard, supported and celebrated whilst studying at central’

Simone Sena

Postgraduate Officer

The Postgrad officer is all about the educational experience of postgrads, representing their views to senior committees at Central.