Students’ Union teams

Meet our Inclusion reps and the Events crew

Inclusion reps are students who volunteer to put themselves forward to represent a specific community. They are unelected and self-named, but are endorsed by their peers on nomination. Reps can express their identity as they want. Inclusion reps are the face people would know to go to with any issues related to a specific community. There are no expectations of the inclusion reps, they can put as much into the SU as they are able to. Reps report their issues and ideas to the inclusion officer, who will either take them to relevant staff members, or link the rep to a staff member to start a discussion. If an inclusion rep has a date they want
to acknowledge or celebrate, they can work with the events, campaigns and inclusion officers to make it happen.

The inclusions reps sit in the SU Inclusion team, who meet once a month.

You don’t need to be elected to be an inclusion rep, however we do require you to present 4 supporting statements when you nominate yourself. This is so we know there are people in your community that trust and are happy with having you as their representative.

Alex Willcox
Charlie Evans
Charlie Yates
CJ Jennings
Jake Robson
Jessy Dye
Katie Daley
Oscar Burr
William Lucas
Mass Amato

Who are the events crew?

We want a passionate event crew who want to get involved in organising events hosted by the SU. The events team are students who volunteer to put themselves forward to work on events with the events officer. They are unelected, originally putting themselves forward to be part of the events team, and later will be given a specific role by the events officer. There are no expectations of the events crew, they are required to put into the SU only what they are able to.  

The crew are part of the SU events team who meet at the start of each term to discuss event ideas for the upcoming term and coordinate the logistics of making them happen. Members of the team might want to help run events, design and operate tech for events or just give their ideas. 

Want to join the events crew?

You don’t need to be elected to part of the events crew. You simply sign up, and the events officer will be in contact.