Meet your candidates

Meet your officer candidates and find out about their plans for the year.

Campaigns Co-ordination officer

Caolan McGinley

Caolan is going into third year on the Drama, Applied Theatre and Education course.
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Who are you and why would you be good for the role?

My name is Caolan and I would be good for this role as I care a lot about making changes that can benefit everyone. I have previous experience working with the Students’ Union as Trans Officer and then Trans Inclusion Rep, and in this time I have started the Central Trans Society, raised money to help trans people, organised and hosted the Queer Cabaret, and promoted trans inclusivity in the school. I would like to continue this work while also branching out and raising other campaigns, such as improving student mental health and care for the environment.
I also have previous experience on regional youth councils and campaign groups, putting pressure on local leaders to listen to the voices of young people, and I would like to use this experience to help with communicating problems and ideas between the student body, the Students’ Union, and Central staff. I believe I would be able to listen to student suggestions and make the changes they want to see.

What 3 goals do you think you could make happen in a year?

  • Improve communication between the Students’ Union and the student body, particularly in regards to taking suggestions from students and keeping them up to date on how campaigns are progressing.
  • Make students more aware of how they can have an impact outside of Central, such as registering to vote or contacting their local MP.
  • Promote care for the environment by increasing use of recycling bins and putting an emphasis on sustainability when it comes to buying costumes and materials for productions.

Events officer

Lara Flynn

Lara is going into third year on the Drama, Applied Theatre and Education course.
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Who are you and why would you be good for the role?

Hey, my name is Lara, my pronouns are she/her/hers and I’m going into third year DATE.

I have worked on a range of projects during my time at central taking part in this years SU fest, running a society weekly and actively participating within my degree. This experience means I’m familiar with budgets and spreadsheets, which will no doubt come in handy when planning events.

I am running for events officer to bring even more excitement to the SU by continuing (and increasing) current events such as quiz nights, open mics and cabarets. But also bringing more events such as lip syncs, film nights and sporting events to name a few.

I am passionate about the SU and would be great for the role of events officer as I want to work with the student body, campaigns coordinator and inclusion officer to insure inclusivity, accessibility and good vibes!!

What 3 goals do you think you could make happen in a year?

  • Outreach with alumni across the courses. I want to build a relationship with alumni, bringing past students back for talks, discussions and other events open to the whole student body to engage with.
  • Work to host events in external venues. I want to set up a connection with the local community in and around Swiss Cottage to host activities and events.
  • Improve and increase safe spaces within central. I want to ensure that the student union bar is a safe space where everyone within central feels comfortable. This is one of my main goals for the year, creating this space and working closely with the campaigns coordinator and SU president.

I have a wide range of ideas for events in mind from evenings in the bar to engaging more with the ALCOPA group.

I want to continue the great work the SU team have done this year through student engagement right from freshers week into the rest of the year- this includes a wide range of events that don’t involve drinking or even being in the bar space.

In the upcoming year I would love to be events officer as I feel I have a lot to offer within central’s student union and strive to improve the student experience.

Max Houghton

Max is going into 2nd year on the Production lighting course.
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Who are you and why would you be good for the role?

I am a enthusiast highly motivated person who drives themselves and others into a community that people would love to work in and did I say I love cats and dogs , I would introduce and use my imagination to create events that include every person , I will listen to others for their inputs and collaborate ideas. It’s important to listen for feedback on events and see what the people of cssd want as events, the feedback is important as to give us an idea on what works and what doesn’t, it’s good to realise that some things people won’t like and that is a good learning curve so that we satisfy people as well as get people and their friends to come to events. Marketing is super important so I would create fun and modern posters and advertisement that would be imaginative and interesting that people would like to come.

What 3 goals do you think you could make happen in a year?

  • Create events that is inclusive and fun
  • Create different experiences in events
  • Make a events team

William Lucas

William is going into 2nd year on the Production lighting course.
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Who are you and why would you be good for the role?

I am Will, a 1st year production student. I will be the perfect candidate because I want to have more events in the bar as well as bigger venues at the end of term. I would aim to do more student recommended events, like live band night and others. I am also a keen person to make these events more inclusive by talking to all of the societies in Central. I am part of the BA Theatre Practice course and I will be able to set up party events with proper tech and audio, making it more lively.

What 3 goals do you think you could make happen in a year?

  • To have more outdoor events, like softball matches and other types of sports.
  • To have more events recommended by other students from all courses.
  • To create events that are more inclusive, like non-alcoholic events.

Alexandra Willcox

Alexandra is going into second year on the Drama, Applied Theatre and Education course.
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Who are you and why would you be good for the role?

my name is Alex Willcox, I am a first year DATE student. I am from Newcastle but my accents is not as strong as you would think!! I am very passionate about the role of event planner as it would allow me to bring fresh and innovative ideas to the table. Thus expanding on my creativity as the year goes on, to give students unique concepts and engaging experiences that captivate students and create lasting memories. I have had previous hand on experience planning different types of events such as proms, parent’s evenings, games nights, activities weeks based on drama, and assistant directing plays. I also used to be a trampolinist, so would coach non competition trampolinists when I wasn’t training. From all this experience I have built exceptional organisational skills, making me attentive to detail and thorough in planning, which I believe would be useful for this role. In addition, my leadership skills have improved as I was able to work with different age groups and learn how to manage a room and adapt the activity for different needs and abilities. Due to having worked with so many different people, I have learned to be adaptable and can work under pressure at managing unforeseen circumstances. Being a current year rep, I have been able to hear everyone’s thoughts and relay feedback which I would like more of an opportunity to do. I feel this role will enable me to work more closely with students and get everyone’s voice heard. I am also intrigued by the advertisement side of this role, as creating eye catching adverts sounds like an amazing and new opportunity to work on my creativeness of catching everyone’s attention. I am extremely excited to have the opportunity to embark on a new journey and explore my abilities on a wider scale, and therefore bring new and exciting events to students.

What 3 goals do you think you could make happen in a year?

  • For me, the most important priority is communication. I want to create a safe space for students where everyone feels heard and respected. It will be a space where all opinions and voices will be heard, thereby enabling an inclusive, diverse, and healthy uni life.
  • Furthermore, I want to create events that bring all 3-year groups from each course together. By being able to listen and learn as well as interact with those within the same field will allow students to create a community of likeminded individuals while also easing anxiety for first years. This friendly environment will help improve the mental health of students. This will also enable us to harness the skills of communication and networking, which will help us further in our careers and lives.
  • Considering most courses follow a 9-5 timetable, it can be very overwhelming for students. To tackle this, I wish to create stress buster events that will allow us to rewind and reorganise. Each of my goals have the student’s well-being and best interests at its very core. Along with creating a fun, and creative space, my events will also be a space of safety, care, and learning.

Inclusion officer

Perseus Harte

Perseus is going into second year on the Drama, Applied Theatre and Education course.
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Who are you and why would you be good for the role?

A bit about me is I’m a trans, queer & neurodivergent individual who has a lot of experience in all of these communities and has insight to how they function and what their needs would be. I’m also really enthusiastic about learning how different communities work! Educating myself about both them and the inner workings of central.

I have past experience in student councils in my secondary, bringing forth issues within the school and helping to set up different events run by the student body. I’ve also been on Northwest youth boards where we centred on rights for young people and on queer issues. I was also one of the trans inclusion reps for the last academic year so I have experience working with the Student Union. I’m really passionate about representation and have always been, attending protests, fundraisers, raising awareness for minority communities in rural areas and setting up events to do so! I think this would be an amazing opportunity to expand my knowledge and I’m super keen to learn and help out all of centrals student.

What 3 goals do you think you could make happen in a year?

  • My first goal would be to expand connections between different communities within central. Through attending different events this year I noticed there was a lack of support from outside of the specific communities said event was representing. Support within your community is of course amazing but I believe there is work to do to raise awareness about struggles that are being faced and also the wonderful cultures that exists outside of your own experience. Possibly achieving this through organizing mixer events for people to meet and connections to be made as well as more active advertising to the rest of central student body about events.
  • My second goal would be to look into setting up more support and better infrastructure for students, centering around mental health. Being a student myself, I understand the need for mental health support and also that sometimes speaking up is difficult. I want to research resources beyond just counseling and implement them, like running events but also offering more genuine support. And expanding the idea behind ‘Wellbeing Wednesdays’ to be more inclusive to other courses and having events be generally more accessible across courses.
  • My third goal would be to begin to expand accessibility, beginning with looking into brining in access workers and expanding centrals knowledge around them! Access workers can be a vital part of productions/projects/workshops in order to support people involved and those watching too. Also being able to provide visiting professionals with knowledge on who’s in the room, without taking over the space or talking over students. Without going to much into detail on their purpose, there is a gap in the ciriculam that I believe can be filled or at least a bridge can start to be built. Thank you :))

Ayooluwatunmininu Thomas

Ayooluwatunmininu is going into third year on the Drama, Applied Theatre and Education course.
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Who are you and why would you be good for the role?

I’m AyoOluwa, fondly called Lulu, and I’m on DATE. To me this role is about bridging the gap between conversation and action. To fulfil this effectively, one needs to be personable and action-oriented, qualities that I possess. Having been involved in inclusion efforts for a significant period, both prior to and during my time at Central, I have a wealth of diversity and inclusion experience to draw on. This past year, I’ve been a Course Rep and one of the Black inclusion reps, roles which have allowed me to engage with students, understand their concerns, and facilitate resolutions. Additionally, I was able to organise and host successful Black History Month events, collaborating with students, other reps, and the Student Union on event selection and implementation. While I acknowledge that I have more to learn and cannot represent every group within our student body, I am committed to working alongside the inclusion reps to ensure fair and authentic representation for all. Ultimately, I prioritise people and take pride in my genuine interest in understanding and advocating for how individuals present themselves and are represented. I aspire to be a confidant that is also effective in achieving tangible results.

What 3 goals do you think you could make happen in a year?

  • Firstly, to enhance communication channels – I would like to implement and maintain effective communication channels to gather feedback, concerns, and suggestions from students, in relation to both the social and academic parts of their lives at Central. This can be achieved through regular meetings with inclusion reps and societies as well as through the use of online forms and surveys.
  • Secondly, to review and develop inclusive policies, resources and support systems – this entails collaborating with the student body, and staff to review and update existing policies to address any identified gaps or challenges. It is also about making sure all the policies, resources, information, and support services related to inclusion and diversity are inclusive but also easily accessible for students, and staff. In terms of support systems I would want to make sure that myself and the inclusion reps are seen as people that are easy to reach out to for any of kind support.
  • Finally, to organise awareness campaigns and events that will better foster inclusion in several ways – Inclusion events should and will be places where groups can bond and share without any pressure to ‘educate’. But I would also like to plan and execute awareness campaigns on various diversity and inclusion topics, such as cultural sensitivity, mental health, gender equality, or accessibility. These campaigns may include workshops, panel discussions, guest speakers, and resource sharing. I aim to collaborate with the inclusion reps internally but also with external organisations, community groups, or other educational institutions to ensure the sharing of the best practices, resources, and ideas which promote inclusion and diversity.


Mia Doona

Mia graduated from the DATE course in 2022, and has been the SU President for the 22/23 year.
Have a question? Contact Mia at [email protected]

Who are you and why would you be good for the role?

Hello! Hopefully you already know me as the current SU president! I’m running to do another year, because I’m not quite finished yet. It takes months to learn everything you need to know to do this job successfully, and I am now in a position where I know what I can do and what I need to do. I have made a real effort this year to attend all events and activities we have put on, in the hope that students would get to know me. However, I want to set up more spaces where I can listen directly from the students on what they want us to do, which I believe will be much easier with the addition of a full time SU staff member, something I have managed to make happen this year. It would be incredibly beneficial for that transition if there was a president who already knows the SU to guide the new staff member. More than anything, the SU needs consistency and it needs someone who knows what the SU can be, and what we need to do to get there, which is something I am confident I can provide. I have put my heart and soul into the job this year, and I have learnt so much, I’d love to take what I’ve learnt into the next year.

What 3 goals do you think you could make happen in a year?

  • Create a strategic plan for the SU. The SU changes each year, and there’s no real end goal for it. I want to work with our members to create a plan for the next 5 years, so we have a clear idea of what the SU is and where we want to go with it.
  • Fight student loneliness. This includes, creating a quiet space for students that doesn’t come with the pressure to socialise. Adding a quiet space to the bar for busy events. And introducing the buddy system to more courses. I can’t physically build more spaces myself, but I can make sure these spaces are a priority in future plans.
  • Having more SU and student meetings. I want to create monthly sessions where we get together and discuss certain topics, for example ‘the reporting process’, or ‘our NUS membership’. I can then use that feedback to work on exactly what the students want.

Vice President of Undergraduates

Nathan Friend

Nathan is going into third year on the Stage Management and Technical Theatre course.
Have a question? Contact Nathan at [email protected]

Who are you and why would you be good for the role?

Hi! I’m Nathan, and I want to make the SU work for you (yes, you!). By being more transparent and communicative about what the Union actually does on your behalf, I want to increase the trust you can place in it, and a clearer understanding of what the SU can do for you. I also want to turn your feedback into more meaningful and useful activities, ensuring you can look to the SU for what you need as the term progresses. As your Undergrad VP, I want to help enhance your student experience, both academically and recreationally.

What 3 goals do you think you could make happen in a year?

  • Providing better communication from the SU, by directly reaching out to students outside of Course Committee
  • Celebrating the talents of students, by publicising their work on the SU’s social media
  • Making the SU work better for all undergraduate students, by gathering and implementing feedback about SU events and activities from each course strand

Thomas Quine

Thomas is going into third year on the Stage Management and Technical Theatre course.
Have a question? Contact Thomas at [email protected]

Who are you and why would you be good for the role?

My name is Thomas Quine. I’m a second year stage management student. I’m originally from New Zealand but moved to the UK when I was 14 years old. I’m a passionate theatre maker, originally from a performing background, I have a diploma in musical theatre and several instruments. After a brief hiatus at another uni studying politics, I rerouted my life back into the arts and I’m here to stay. I am passionate about every aspect of this industry and this institution- socially, culturally and sustainably ,moving towards a better future for all of us.
I am the current Course Rep for SMTT 2024, and have lead multiple student school boards and senior student councils. I work as a Freelance Stage and production manager outside of Central, but I also commit a significant amount of my time to representing Central as a Senior Student Ambassador. Working outreach and development events across london (and sometimes abroad).
I am organised, passionate and dedicated to the Central community and greater Arts community, and I know that I will act with confidence, clarity and integrity for you all as Vice President of Undergraduate.

What 3 goals do you think you could make happen in a year?

  • Involve and better integrate the senior leadership team at Central into the wider student community.
  • Improve and Enhance Reset Better, implementing it into the Production Process at Central.
  • Ensure that all Students at central feel heard, respected and represented- working with students to improve their university experience