When are the elections?

The election process starts when nominations open on Monday 15th May. The vote itself will be held on Thursday 25th May and Friday 26th May. Take a look at the schedule for more information.

Who can stand?

Anyone who will be a student for the next academic year can stand for an officer role. Any student or sabbatical officer can stand for the president role.

Only undergraduate students can stand for the undergraduate officer role. A postgraduate officer will be elected in October.

Why should I stand?

You get the opportunity to work as part of team, develop your skills and make a positive impact at Central as we work to make life better for students. The experience you’ll gain on the union is unique to the role and can look great on a CV. Research also shows that getting involved with students’ unions (especially in an elected leadership role) can lead to better academic outcomes and wellbeing.

We’ll provide you with regular training to help you grow in your role as well as the chance to visit training days and development conferences with external partners, such as the National Union of Students. Oh, you’ll be paid a stipend (small salary) too.

What should an officer give?

We need your time, dedication and energy. Every role is different but you’ll also want to make your manifesto goals a reality, and help the team achieve theirs.

This can be a challenge whilst also studying full time, so perseverance is essential. You’re expected to attend meetings with the team, staff and of school committees.

Is there new roles?

Student Council were presented with a proposal to change the current officer roles, with the aim of better meeting the needs of the Student Union. This was discussed and approved by them. The addition of the Campaigns Co-Ordination Officer, and the joining of the Postgrad and undergrad officers, to make two Vice Presidents. We have also added an events team, to encourage anyone who wants to help out with events to do so, without needing to be elected as an officer.

What are the election regulations?

The regulations set out how elections are run. They include rules on campaigning, impartiality and good conduct. When campaigning, candidates must:

  • not use union resources
  • not use union, school or partner logos
  • not use union, school or partner social media profiles
  • remain aware of and responsible for all campaigning done in their name
  • respond truthfully and promptly to all genuine questions from students
  • stop campaigning when polls open
  • ensure they do not bring the union or school into disrepute
  • remember they are still subject to school policies on bullying and harassment
  • follow the instructions of the returning officer and election officials

Who do I tell about a concern?

The returning officer is responsible for the good conduct of elections. For the May elections, the support officer is acting as returning officer. You can contact them via email at su[email protected]

Got more questions?

Contact us at [email protected]