Wellbeing Wednesdays

Wellbeing Wednesdays happen on the first Wednesday of every month during term. When they happen, students should be getting the afternoon off, with no classes or rehearsals.

What you choose to do during that time is your decision. The SU will be running activities, such as societies or workshops, but you don’t have to join in. If you want to head home and nap, go out, keep working, that’s okay. The time is yours to do what you want with.


Sometimes life at Central can feel overwhelming, as students work hard and it can often feel like your whole life.Whilst it is good that students are passionate about their training, it is important to promote rest as well.

During Term 2 2022-23, we’ll also be running Wellbeing Weeks. Every week, we’ll be putting out information about different areas of wellbeing, with tips from staff and students, as well as running wellbeing activities.