Raising The Bar

The bar is for students. It’s one of the only places on campus that is just for students. And we want to make sure every student feels like it is for them. 

Mostly, work will be happening for this behind the scenes, and we will keep you all updated. But there are also come smaller reminders we want to get across:

  • In the day, the bar acts as your common room. That means you can chill, eat and study in there from 8am-5pm, and then at 5pm the bar opens until 11pm. 
  • The students code of conduct very much applies in there, that means if there’s something you wouldn’t do in the atrium, most likely it isn’t acceptable in the bar either. This also applies to any events off site, e.g. ALCOPA and freshers’ events. If you feel like a breach of the code of conduct has happened, let Mia, the SU president, or SK, the bar manager, know. 
  • We have drink covers, bottle stoppers and spiking testing kits on offer to help you feel safer, just ask the bar staff for one.